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System Requirement
  • OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB free space.
  • CPU: 800 MHz processor speed.
  • Memory: 512 MB at least.
  • More: log on as administrator.

Software Help


2 Ways to Defrag Acer

If you are using an Acer computer (netbook, laptop or desktop PC), then a regular disk defragment is vital to your Acer’s performance. Defragmenting your Acer’s hard disk minimizes head travel, which reduces the time it takes to read files from and write files to the disk. In addition, disk defragment also reduces Acer system startup times. Read more for 2 simply ways to defrag Acer computer running with Windows (XP, Vista, 7 etc) operation system.

Defrag Acer - the Manual Way

Note: the following steps are based on Acer netbook, defragging Acer’s laptop or desktop computer will be similar.

Step 1: Click the "Start" button in your Acer screen's lower-left corner. Then the "Start menu" will open.
Step 2: Type "defrag" into the Start menu's search box.
Step 3: Click "Disk Defragmenter" under "Programs" in the results that open. The Acer Disk Defragmenter will open.
Step 4: Click the entry for the drive that you want to defragment. Your Acer netbook's main drive is the "C" drive by default, so click the drive labeled "(C:)."
Step 5: Click the "Defragment Disk" button.
Step 6: Wait a while until the process is complete. Done!

Acer Defragment Software

If you don’t want to use the manual way to defrag your Acer, then turn to the Acer speed up software.

Free Download to Defrag Acer

Both ways of Acer defragmentation places all parts of a file together in the same place on the drive. It organizes all directories and files according to how you use your computer. After disk defragmentation, your Acer computer will most likely run faster.

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